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Hey! If you’ve found your way here, you probably already know that I’m a romance writer. I’m the author of twenty plus titles and I write Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance and Rockstar Romance. My go-to heroes are always either cops, werewolves or rock stars (Oh my!). Why, you ask? Well, for starters, I married a cop. My husband worked as a K-9 Handler for a small burg in Ohio, where we live. He was on the force for nearly 20 years before he had to retire after he injured his gun arm. While I don’t really consider myself a Badge Bunny, I do have a great deal of respect and admiration for law enforcement officers and the thankless job they do in this country, putting their lives on the line every single day when they leave their homes to go to work. Plus they lend themselves really well to the Romantic Suspense genre! :-)

Why the werewolves? Honestly, I’m not really sure; I’ve just always been drawn to them. The truth is that I’ve always sort of thought werewolves get a bit short-changed in popular culture, both in books and movies – always playing second fiddle to their vampire counterparts. They’re either the blood thirsty monsters who lose all ability to think or control themselves once their transformation happens, or they’re the vampires’ lap dogs, tasked with doing all the dirty work. I always wanted the werewolves to be the star of the show – the hero, the one who actually gets the girl – so I started writing them that way.

Why rock stars? Well, come on … they’re rock stars! Really, what else needs to be said? They are insanely sexy and wickedly talented. Full of passion, and angst, and a fire to create and perform and entertain that burns deep in their souls (God, I’m fanning myself just thinking about it!). I am a music nut, basically. I love all types of music, but rock and roll in particular speaks to me. And writing about the men (and women) who create that beautiful, magical thing we call music is like a blissful escape for me – my daydreams and fantasies come to life in the Rockstar Romances I write.

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